Mastering Business Development:
A Comprehensive Workshop for
IP Lawyers

Discover key strategies and practical insights tailored for IP lawyers in our intensive coaching sessions. Transform your approach, strengthen client relationships, and propel your IP practice forward.

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Workshop overview

What do we offer?

Cultivating Excellence in IP Law

In this exclusive workshop designed for IP lawyers, we delve into the intricate world of business development, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel. Over the course of four comprehensive sessions, we cover crucial aspects of client acquisition, relationship management, and personal brand enhancement.

Learning and Connection

Our experienced industry leaders guide you through practical strategies and tools, fostering an interactive and engaging learning environment. Beyond acquiring new skills, this workshop serves as a platform for networking, allowing you to connect and collaborate with peers across the intellectual property domain. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your practice, build meaningful connections, and set yourself apart in the competitive landscape of IP law.


Exclusive Benefits of Our Webinar

Elevate Your Skills and Expand Your Network with Our Tailored Sessions

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Unlock Your Potential

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Build Valuable Connections

Connect with seasoned IP lawyers and business coaches, expanding your network and enriching your knowledge.

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Stay Ahead in a Competitive Market

Access the latest trends and strategies in IP law, ensuring your practice thrives in today’s dynamic market.

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Interactive Learning Experience

Dive into an immersive learning environment with interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring your unique queries are addressed.

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Accessible from Anywhere

Join the sessions from the comfort of your home or office, saving time and resources on travel.

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Exclusive Resources

Receive comprehensive materials and exclusive resources to reinforce your learning and apply new strategies with confidence.

Workshop structure

A Holistic Approach to
Business Development

Our workshop is meticulously structured to provide a complete learning experience over the span of five sessions, each lasting three hours. Here’s a closer look at the key components:

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Status Quo Analysis

Evaluate your current position and practices, understanding what works and identifying areas of improvement.

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Building a Strong Foundation

Learn how to solidify your professional standing and create a robust foundation for business growth.

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Strategic Business Development

Dive into effective strategies and tactics for business development tailored for IP lawyers.

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Marketing and Outreach

Explore innovative marketing sessions designed to enhance your visibility and attract more clients.

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Interactive Learning and Application

Engage in practical activities and discussions, applying what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios.


Investment for Growth

Lead IP Workshop

/ Participant

This amount reflects the extensive resources, expert facilitation, and comprehensive content designed to escalate your practice to new heights.

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Flexible Payment Options
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Exclusive Access to Expertise
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Long-term Value

Trusted by experienced
IP people

"The IP space has long required disruption and improved IP processes and Lead IP is doing just that"

Simbarashe Makahamadze
Principal Consulant at Palladium IP

"Lead IP helped us become a truly data-driven company and achieve a proper data foundation, key for our business development purposes."

Laura from Moeller IP, one of our clients
Laura Moreno
Head of Business Development of Moeller IP

"I've always felt the need for a tool tailored specifically for the IP community, and that's exactly what Lead IP Next provides."

Donald Schnyder
Managing Partner at Wild Schnyder (CH)