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About Us

"A great team with fresh, new ideas to bring us together" - Tove Graulund

Our Story

In 2020 our co-founder and CEO, Alexander, whilst working for an IP boutique firm, experienced the impact the global pandemic was having on the IP industry. Together with a group of experienced IP professionals, they began searching for innovative ways to solve the main issues found in the world of IP today. They soon found that business development did not end with the IP firms but also included the service providers and in-house counsel. By connecting all the industry’s players, they would create an ecosystem where each one can benefit from the other; a network where IP processes can be connected, opened, and accelerated.

Lead IP is based in Munich.

Our vision is to become a new standard in the intellectual property industry. In times of uncertainty, we adapt to market changes by providing our clients with new business opportunities through data analysis and cloud-based collaboration tools. A lead generation tool and problem solver for IP firms, in-house counsel, and service providers, specialized for the IP industry - a boundless Place for Opportunities.


Our Mission

To improve the intellectual property industry by creating an efficient lawyer-to-lawyer network and marketplace, providing synergies for business development through social and referral structures.


Our Vision

To accelerate IP.


Our Values

  1. Care about our employees and clients;

  2. Apply the highest standards of excellence to our clients with integrity, work ethic and transparency;

  3. Always engage in honest and open relationships within the company and with our all clients;

  4. Support innovation within and outside of our company;

  5. Challenge the contemporary system;

  6. Embrace and learn from failure;

  7. Encourage efficiency and learning;

  8. Promote customer care.

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Barriers to Innovation and Tech in the Legal industry, and therefore Lead IP’s open challenges to tackle are:

The ‘Status Quo’ is profitable as it is. Will this stay the same?


Lawyers default to being cautious and conservative, and hierarchical business models are deterring long-term capital investment 


Clients are not (yet) demanding radical transformation, and why should they, if it should come from the lawyers?


There’s a real lack of transparency for consumers


Lack of Funding (compared to other sectors, I.e. Fintech)

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Lack of diversity in law firms and legal tech firms


Lawyers and teams who prefer to operate autonomously


‘HIPPO’ – decisions based on Highest Paid Person’s Opinion rather than on data


There is a supply-side geographic fragmentation of law and thereby a difficulty in dominating the global market


Realizing that being innovative and tech first is part of being a lawyer in 2020

Meet Lead IP’s close-knit team

Co-founder & CEO

Alexander Messerer LL.M.

Product Manager

Jennifer Mack

Community Manager

Natalie Mullin

Non Executive Director

Wolfgang Danner

Data Analytics Engineer

Faizan Khan

Software Development & Consulting

QK Innovations GmbH

Co-founder & COO

Winston Schultze

Digital Marketing

David Herlt

Our External Advisors

IP Consultant

Gerardo Messerer

Strategic Sales Consultant

Hanna Forsstroem

Business Development Consultant

Tove Graulund
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Finance Consultant

Dr. Georg Schultze