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About Us

"A great team with fresh, new ideas to bring us together" - Tove Graulund

Our story

The legal industry and more specifically, the intellectual property industry should learn from other industries when it comes to any form of business development and crisis management. The COVID-19 Pandemic, an upcoming global recession, and the never-ending commoditization of IP services by service/software providers (i.e. renewals, translations, EP validations, PCT NPE, etc.), have accelerated the need for IP professionals to adopt digital business development solutions in order to be more visible in the market and more efficient in new client acquisition. Traditional methods of business development (i.e. attending conferences, word-of-mouth) are no longer sustainable or prepared for digital transformation and thus lack reliability in today's highly-competitive market. Consistent and sustainable growth is needed to outpace the competition, but this cannot be achieved when all business development efforts rely on coincidence rather than on strategy and the strategic use of data.

Lead IP GmbH is here to bring tangible results into this present ambiguity by introducing services and software propelled by data and specifically designing them to meet the needs of the IP industry - In simple words, we are merging best practices from other industries with vast amounts of relevant industry experience, to stand out as the disruptive business development partner for IP firms and IP service providers around the globe. One solution built by IP professionals for IP professionals that enables results-driven, highly-targeted, reliable, and accessible processes, which are easy to understand by its clients.


Our Mission

To Empower Law Firms by Stimulating Change and Sustainable Growth


Our Vision

To Become a Catalyst for the Acceleration & the Digitalisation of Law

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Barriers to growth in the IP industry, and therefore Lead IP’s open challenges to tackle are:

The ‘Status Quo’ is somewhat profitable as it is. Will this stay the same?


Lawyers default to being cautious and conservative, and hierarchical business models are deterring long-term capital investment 


While IP services are being commoditized, IP firms are not adapting


Value can be driven by taking what already works in other industries and applying it to IP


Realizing that being innovative and tech first is part of being a lawyer in the 2020s

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Meet Lead IP’s close-knit team

Co-founder & CEO

Alexander Messerer LL.M.

Product Manager

Jennifer Mack

Software Development & Consulting

QK Innovations GmbH

Non Executive Director

Wolfgang Danner

Data Analytics Engineer

Faizan Khan

Co-founder & COO

Winston Schultze

Digital Marketing

David Herlt

Our External Advisors

IP Consultant

Gerardo Messerer

Strategic Sales Consultant

Hanna Forsstroem

Business Development Consultant

Tove Graulund
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Finance Consultant

Dr. Georg Schultze