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Your Partner to Win New Business in the Intellectual Property Market

We assist you in finding new clients, globally, staying ahead of your competition, and increasing your revenue


Are you looking to...

Increase your
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Lead IP is your expert partner to assist in business development challenges. We implement and combine proven strategies aimed at increasing reach, awareness, and growth, in fields such as Trademark, Patent, and/or Design law.


The mix of IP lawyers, data scientists, marketing, sales, and business development professionals, allows us to create value for your company/firm while understanding your concerns and challenges. 


In simple words, we are your 360-degree partner for your business development needs.


What's at Stake?

Missed Business Opportunities

Not being present online means that many opportunities for acquiring new clients are being lost!


The new generation of entrepreneurs uses the internet for everything and view professional websites, search results, and social media accounts as the main reason to trust your company.


Although things might have worked out in the past, it does not mean that they will do so in the future.


Every day not spent adapting to market changes means more distance between you and your competition! 

Loss of

The never-ending commoditization of IP services by service/software providers (i.e. renewals, translations, EP validations, PCT NPE, etc.), has accelerated the need for IP professionals to adapt their service offering in order to be more profitable. 


The times of making money with renewals are over, and IP firms have to adapt.

Your Industry-Specific Solution

Do you represent...

An intellectual property firm?

A sole practitioner?

An IP service & software provider?

We come from IP ourselves, and understand that every company faces different challenges. We adapt to your needs and to any stage your company is currently in. 


We feel the same frustration that you feel when you lose an important client to another firm and know the pressure you endure as a business owner.

Your plan to new growth

Receive tailored growth tools and services for the IP industry as easy as this:

1.  Schedule an appointment with our team

2.  Allow us to create your own customized growth plan

3.  We execute the plan together!

Tove Graulund Testimonial on Lead IP GmbH
"A great team with fresh, new ideas to bring us together"

Tove Graulund

 Director Graulund Consulting

Donal O'Connell Testimonial on Lead IP GmbH
"The team at Lead IP have been very helpful and supportive, working to find win-wins"

Donal O'Connell

Manager Chawton Innovation Services


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Our Services

Going to intellectual property conferences and looking for new clients for your company has great physical limitations. The services below enable you to grow 24/7, even in your sleep!


A strong social media strategy and execution can be the difference between a well-known firm and a lesser-known firm.


Amplify your efforts with targeted advertising, designed to reach your target audience, quicker and cost-effectively.

Marketing Strategy

A well thought out digital marketing strategy sets the blueprint for your firm's strategic planning in the digital space.

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Website Design 
& Development

Your website is your digital business presentation, showcasing your services and expertise to potential clients.

SEO Optimization

SEO allows you to seamlessly connect your service offering with potential clients as they currently search for your type of expertise.

IP Firm Branding

Your business branding allows you to present your company in the way you want to be seen by your clients, and it is an integral part of your marketing framework.


Tech Solutions

Transform client acquisition into a digital process that delivers fast, constant results.

We generate leads for Intellectual proeprty firms

Profile Marketing

Profile Marketing puts your company and service expertise in the right hands at the right time, with a specialized, targeted and automated email newsletters. 

LIP Monitor (Coming soon)

Receive information on trademark & patent activity from the WIPO any way you want to. Find new clients by using this information to contact trademark owners and representatives.

Automatic lead generation for IP firms
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Automated lead Gen for intellectual property firms

Business Growth Acceleration Tool (Coming soon)

Our growth tool, specifically designed for the IP industry, will help you manage your client data, support your business development, deliver actionable insights, integrate with social media, and facilitate team communication.

LIP Network (Coming soon)

Save, manage and contact any Lead IP user in our business directory. Create your own directory and work with your Trusted Partners to get new cases.

A network for lead generation for IP firms

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Partner Services

Find more services that can have a positive influence on your growth. Like us, our partners come from IP and truly understand your struggles

Digital Business Development for IP firms

QK Innovations provides smart solutions and helps you through the complexities of digitalisation, focused on digital business development, custom software and creation of professional websites. 

IP E-Learning & Intellectual Property E-learning

Combined with Chawton Innovation Services, we offer a complete IP e-learning program that will help your company to provide highly qualified services to all employees.

Finance solution for IP firms

Designed to solve the cost and efficiency challenges related to making payments and being paid by foreign agents, Billtrader is

purpose-built for IP firms.

  • Recession implications for IP firms and service providers

  • Decreased profits from the commoditization of services

  • Lower caseloads for IP firms

  • Loss of reputation for IP firms and service providers

  • Loss of clients by IP firms

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