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From IP firms to in-house counsel and IP service providers, Lead IP will scale your business.


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We are here to accelerate the Intellectual Property industry.


It has never been easier to find new clients.


We are disrupting the traditional methods of client and case acquisition.


With publicly available data on global trademark activity, we created tools that use unprecedented methods to market IP firms across all jurisdictions.


Lead IP is your new marketing gateway and can put your firm’s name on every IP lawyer’s and holder’s desk.

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If you work in the IP Industry, you are in the right place. We connect IP firms, corporate counsels and IP service providers. ​ 


How do we do this? It’s simple! ​ 


We have automated newsletter emails to an extent that allows us to combine the delivery of valuable information for IP firms and in-house counsel, with frequent marketing initiatives for all our clients.


Are you looking for new ways to advertise your company by effectively targeting decision-makers? Join the Lead IP family.


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Generate more leads and new business opportunities from all around the globe.



Find problem-solvers from a specific jurisdiction and improve and manage your company’s IP process.



Reach your target audience efficiently. Partner up and combine forces.



Lead IP provides your firm with unlimited access to all Madrid Protocol trademark activity and the ability to post tenders (RFPs) globally. Learn more about these features below.

madrid protocol

Click here to see the information that is shown to our users. Lead IP gives you access to trademark activity in all Madrid Protocol Member States.

RFx Activity

Click here to see our "Request for X" function. A RFx can be a Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, or any other tender that is published on Lead IP.

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