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We bring tangible and result-oriented strategies into your client acquisition

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Our technology allows you to save client acquisition costs and advance your business by optimising efficiency

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We make your IP firm's name land on everyone's desk and help you grow your network

Our services help your IP firm to...

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We are here to accelerate and disrupt how business development is done in the intellectual property industry

Our Services:

make it easier to find new clients

connect you with other IP firms

make business development sound simple

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Lead IP Agency Services

No time for digital marketing initiatives? Let us take over, and make your IP firm visible to potential clients across the globe. The recipe is simple, we offer a selection of business development services tailored to your needs. 




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Lead IP Platform Features

Transform client acquisition into a digital process that delivers fast, accurate results. By using publicly available data on global trademark activity, we developed tools that provide IP firms with an unprecedented way to grow their organisations.

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Madrid Monitor

Receive information on trademark activity from the WIPO any way you want to. Find new clients by using this information to contact trademark owners and representatives.

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Post a request for proposal, quotation, information or any other tender in any country of interest. Our users bid for your project and you compare the results, saving you time and money.

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LIP Network

Save, manage and contact any Lead IP user in our business directory. Create your own directory and work with your Trusted Partners to get new cases.

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Community Management

Stay connected with your clients and attract new talents through Online Marketing, Social Media, paid ads, and more.

Lead IP also provides access to a pool of carefully selected partners

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Partner Services

We provide seamless access to our partners' services through our LIP partner network.  Below are just some examples


QK Innovations provides smart solutions and helps you through the complexities of digitalisation, focused on digital business development, custom software and creation of professional websites. 

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Combined with Chawton Innovation Services, we offer a complete IP e-learning program that will help your company to provide highly qualified services to all employees.


MeetPrep is an easy click-through platform that enables networking and business development year-round for IP professionals. 

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"A great team with fresh, new ideas to bring us together"

Tove Graulund

Graulund Consulting

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"The team at Lead IP have been very helpful and supportive, working to find win-wins"

Donal O'Connell

Chawton Innovation Services