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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some common questions asked by IP lawyers looking to use Lead IP Next.

How can a contact management tool specifically help IP law firms in client relations?

A contact management tool designed for IP law firms can significantly enhance client relations by ensuring organized, timely, and effective communication.
- Client History: Maintain a detailed record of all interactions, notes, and communications with each client
- Reminders: Set reminders for important dates, like birthdays or follow-up meetings.
- Segmentation: Categorize clients based on their IP needs and priority, ensuring tailored communication each step of the way.
And much more! Visit our Feature and/or client testimonial pages to view how Lead IP Next has supported other firms around the globe!

How long is the standard contract length of Lead IP Next?

Lead IP strives in being as flexible as possible to for its cherished clients. For this reason, contracts are signed with 30-day cancellation notice, enabling you to make use of Lead IP Next’s amazing features for as long as you want.

What are the payment conditions for my Lead IP Next subscription?

Please consider the following: Lead IP Next is a software service charged by monthly subscription. Payments for usage terms under 3 months are charged via credit card only. Any payments for over 3 months, can also be invoiced to the owner of the account (firm) by Lead IP or a third party in charge of Lead IP’s payments.

How does a contact management tool for IP law firms differ from generic ones?

While the core functionalities might be similar, a contact management tool designed for IP law firms offers specialized features that cater to the intricacies of the IP domain.
- IP-Specific Fields: Custom fields to capture IP-specific information like conferences, type of client relationships and much more.
- Integration with IP Databases: Seamless integration with patent and trademark databases for easy access and reference is a very unique ability of an IP-specific client data management system.
- Advanced Search: Enhanced search capabilities to quickly retrieve IP-specific client information.
- IP Lead Generation: Sync with IP-specific databases, such as patent expiry or trademark renewal date information, to generate leads for the users is also a very unique ability of a system made specifically for IP lawyers.

I work for an IP department within a full-service law firm and take car of my own business development - does Lead IP Next make sense for me?

Lead IP Next was designed to be used by whole firms as well as smaller departments and individual users. No matter the size or internal structures, Lead IP Next was built as a stand-alone product, with no need to onboard the whole organization in order to be efficient.

I come from a large IP / law firm with multiple offices world-wide, do I need to onboard the whole organization?

Of course not! Lead IP Next is a stand-alone tool that can be used by individuals as well as whole organizations.

Can I use Lead IP Next even if I'm not tech-savvy?

Absolutely! Lead IP Next is designed with IP law firms and lawyers in mind, many of whom might not be tech enthusiasts. Our platform and services are user-friendly, and our dedicated team is always ready to guide you through any tech-related queries.