Marketing Specialist

Juan Ignacio Oyarzún

Juan Ignacio "Nacho" Oyarzún, our Growth Marketing Specialist, combines his academic prowess in Business Administration and dual Master's in Digital Marketing with a fervent passion for AI. He spearheads diverse digital marketing strategies, propelling consistent organic growth for Lead IP.

Juan Ignacio Oyarzún

About Juan Ignacio Oyarzún

Meet Nacho, the Growth Marketing Specialist. With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, two Master's in Digital Marketing, and a great passion for AI, he takes charge of a variety of Digital Marketing actions to drive sustained, organic growth to the company.

Nacho is fluent in English, Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese, with plans to add Hungarian to his language skills. When he's not driving growth for LeadIP, you can find him boxing or making YouTube videos about chess. He also loves traveling, and his favorite city in the world is Perth.

Whether he's exploring new cultures or learning the latest trends in marketing, Nacho is committed to expanding his knowledge and expertise, bringing fresh perspectives to the LeadIP team and improving its performance.