Take a deeper look into our current features and some amazing ones yet to come.

Contact management

Your all-in-one platform for contact data management

Seamlessly organize, categorize and store firm-wide contacts based on roles, relationships, sectors or importance, ensuring easy navigation and management and equipping your team with a solid and completely transparent business development solution.

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Automatic Contact Import

Connect your email account and sync contacts without any hassle. Our free user onboarding is available to assist with the import process.

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Activity Tracking

Ensures every interaction with your contacts, including recording conferences, taking notes, and uploading files, is recorded and easily accessible.

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Task Management

Assign, track, and manage tasks related to each contact, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Automated Contact Enhancement

Keep Your Contacts Updated and Relevant

Enhance and automatically keep your contacts up-to-date with essential background information and details from all over the internet, providing an unprecedented, thorough and timeless understanding of your contact base.

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Contact Enhancement

Adding just one email address is enough to automatically create a contact with all information that you might need, from LinkedIn addresses to company information.

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Contact Updating

Once you save a contact on Lead IP Next, you will never lose track of it again. Any new email address, phone-numbers or contact addresses will be updated when a change occurs.

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Job-Change Tracking

Stay informed of any firm changes among your saved contacts. You will be notified of any changes and your system will be updated, opening new doors of opportunity.

IP Filing Insights

Unlock Opportunities with IP Filing Insights

Leverage real-time monitoring of IP filings to identify actionable opportunities for acquiring new clients, understanding your own client’s IP filing activity and finding up- and cross-selling opportunities from within your client and contact base.

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Business Intelligence

Comprehensive knowledge of your clients' or prospective clients' IP filing activities equips you for meetings and enables a deeper understanding of their needs.

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Up-selling and Cross-selling

After linking your client contacts to the IP insights, effortlessly discover new cases and cross-selling opportunities to pursue.

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Lead Sourcing (Coming Soon)

Integrating contact data with IP filing data facilitates sorting and filtering of the most promising prospects based on the potential value they can offer to your firm.

Contact Acquisition

Acquire any contact, anytime, just by asking.

Our contact sourcing feature enables you to request and collect all pertinent contact information (such as LinkedIn profiles and email addresses) of your target clients across any industry or position globally. This not only provides you with a competitive advantage but also amplifies your reach when deploying your valuable resources in business development efforts.

Lead IP Contact Management
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Precision Targeting

Enables you to acquire specific contacts from any industry, position, and location around the globe, ensuring that your business development efforts are laser-focused and strategic.

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Flexibility and Control

Provides the ability to request new contacts on-demand, giving you full control over the timing and pace of your business development initiatives.

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Targeted Growth Opportunities

Strategically grow any of your firm’s departments or in any industry of interest by targeting contact acquisition in these niches and creating specific campaigns for each.

Emailing (Coming Soon)

Automate Your Outreach, Simplify Your Communication

Coming Soon! Send reminders, conference meeting requests, follow-ups, holiday notices, newsletters, and much more, all directly from your Lead IP Next account. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to streamlined and automated communications.

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