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Sep 29, 2023

Lead IP Next: The Contact Management Tool For IP Law Firms

Discover Lead IP Next, the revolutionary contact management platform designed for IP professionals. Learn how it's transforming IP law firm business development with innovative features for streamlined operations and strategic growth. Explore the benefits that promise to foster competitiveness in the IP industry. Get a closer look at Lead IP, the force behind this game-changing tool, and how it stands as a partner in your firm's journey to success. Delve deeper into the original article on IP Watchdog.

Lead IP Next: The Contact Management Tool For IP Law Firms

Lead IP Next: The Contact Management Tool For IP Law Firms

Lead IP, a leader in developing custom business solutions for the IP industry, has set a new standard with the launch of Lead IP Next, as reported by IP Watchdog – a groundbreaking contact management platform. This platform is designed by IP professionals for IP professionals, and is set to revolutionize how IP professionals, firms, and service providers operate. In the ever-changing world of Intellectual Property, Lead IP is leading the charge with innovative solutions that drive efficiency and support growth.

Lead IP Next is designed to provide a seamless experience for managing contacts and enhancing communication within the IP industry. With its comprehensive features and intuitive interface, professionals can easily track and organize their network of clients, colleagues, and partners. The platform offers advanced search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate specific contacts and access relevant information. Additionally, Lead IP Next enables efficient collaboration through shared contact lists and integrated communication tools. This innovative solution aims to maximize productivity, foster stronger relationships, and ultimately drive success in the fast-paced world of intellectual property.

Transforming IP law firm business development

September 2023 marked a significant milestone in Munich as Lead IP unveiled Lead IP Next, a digital tool designed to enhance the daily operations of IP professionals globally. This platform is not just a product; it is envisioned to be a catalyst for success in the ever-evolving legal landscape. Crafted meticulously by IP professionals for their peers, it promises to simplify operations while unveiling new avenues for revenue, setting a solid and transparent foundation for business development. By harnessing the power of data analytics, this platform empowers IP professionals to make informed decisions and drive strategic growth.


Lead IP Next comes packed with a range of features designed to streamline client acquisition, relationship management, and business development efforts within the IP legal sector. Here, we highlight the benefits that stand as a testimony to Lead IP’s commitment to driving competitiveness in the industry:

  • All-in-One Data Management: Organize, categorize, and store firm-wide contacts seamlessly, facilitating a structured approach to managing relationships and roles.
  • Automatic Contact Import: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual entries. Connect your email account and watch as the platform automatically syncs and creates contacts with all the necessary information.
  • Real-Time Contact Updating: Maintain an always-updated database with automatic updates on any new data related to your contacts, ensuring accuracy across industries and positions globally.
  • Task Management: Assign, track, and manage tasks associated with each contact, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.
  • Job-Change Tracking: Stay abreast of changes within your contacts’ firms, opening new doors for business development with timely notifications and updates.
  • IP Filing Insights: Gain a competitive edge by monitoring international trademark filings, understanding your client’s filing behavior, and identifying new business opportunities.

A Closer Look at Lead IP

Founded in 2021 with a presence in Munich, Potsdam, and Lisbon, Lead IP has been at the forefront of offering strategic consulting services and industry-specific tools that cover the entire spectrum of business development in the IP legal sector. The launch of Lead IP Next is a testament to their innovative spirit, aiming to equip users with essential tools to cultivate relationships, discover opportunities, and drive sustainable growth.

As we stand on the cusp of a new era in IP business development, Lead IP Next emerges as a beacon of innovation, promising to steer firms to uncharted territories of growth and efficiency. This platform is not just a tool; it is a partner in your firm’s journey to success, a catalyst that empowers IP professionals with unprecedented capabilities.

We invite you to step into the future of IP business development with Lead IP Next, a platform that promises to be a game-changer in the industry. For a deeper insight into this revolutionary platform, we recommend reading the original article on IP Watchdog.

Alexander Messerer LL.M.

Alexander Messerer LL.M.

Alexander Messerer, CEO, leverages his intellectual property background to steer company strategy, manage key stakeholder relationships, and drive business development. His leadership ensures alignment with the company's mission, fostering growth and value for clients and partners.