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Find New IP Clients Seamlessly 

Overcome business development challenges and unlock new opportunities in the world of intellectual property law.

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What are the benefits?


Gain a Competitive Advantage

Lead IP's access contact information, insights and real-time IP filing updates equip you to outpace the competition in the dynamic IP law landscape


Be Known and
Easily Found

Increase your visibility in the IP law field with Lead IP, enhancing your discoverability among potential clients and partners.


Find More Clients

Expand your client base effortlessly with our extensive contact database and curated, high-quality contact recommendations tailored to your practice.

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Access High-Quality Contacts

Expand your professional network with curated, high-quality contact recommendations tailored to your practice.


Retain Clients and Nurture for More Work

Foster stronger relationships and continual engagement with clients through client´s insights section and case identification.


Personalized and Context-Aware Insights*

Leverage the power of advanced AI algorithms to receive personalized recommendations and insights tailored to your specific needs and goals.

*Coming soon


Elevate Your IP Practice

Join the transformation that Lead IP is bringing to IP law practices across the globe. Our exclusive onboarding strategy involves a careful rollout in batches, accepting just one user from each country, with exceptions for larger jurisdictions like the US and Germany. This unique opportunity begins in Q3 2023, and spots are limited to ensure a personalized and smooth onboarding experience.

Be Among the First in Your Country to Experience Lead IP´s new Tool 

✔️ Exclusive waitlist for early adopters in your country

✔️ Gain a competitive advantage with early access

✔️ We only accept one user per country (excl. large jurisdictions)

✔️ Be a pioneer in your region's intellectual property landscape

✔️ Secure priority access by joining the waitlist now

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"The IP space has long required disruption and improved IP processes and Lead IP is doing just that"
Simbarashe Makahamadze, Palladium IP

Simbarashe Makahamadze

General Partner Palladium IP

What are the conditions to join?

At Lead IP, we're seeking forward-thinking partners to join us in shaping the future of intellectual property law. As an early adopter, your constructive feedback and openness to innovation will be pivotal in refining our platform. Here are our conditions for entry:

1. Be a Frontrunner

We're looking for leaders, not followers. If you're a proactive professional who's excited about pioneering new technologies in IP law, you're just who we're looking for.

2. Provide Constructive Feedback

Your insights are crucial to our development process. We value your input and are committed to adapting our tool based on your feedback.

3. Have Client Acquisition Needs

Our platform is designed to support professionals like you who are actively seeking to expand their client base and grow their practice.

4. Open to Change and Innovation

We believe that progress is born from the willingness to embrace change. If you're a forward-thinking individual open to innovative solutions, we invite you to join us.

Secure Your Spot on the Waitlist

Join our exclusive waitlist today, and be among the first to experience the benefits of Lead IP's solutions. Gain a competitive edge in your IP practice, and unlock new growth opportunities by signing up now.

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