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Get Noticed, Get Clients 🚀

Optimize your IP firm's reach with tailored Digital Marketing strategies tailored exclusively for IP Lawyers and Firms. Book a meeting today for a personalized, holistic digital marketing strategy tailored to your firm's unique needs.

What we offer

Adaptable & scalable digital marketing

Our services are designed to accommodate your unique needs and provide comprehensive marketing support whenever and wherever your team requires it.

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increased global reach & awareness

Our meticulously crafted marketing campaigns are aimed at engaging potential clients globally, piquing their interest in your offerings, and elevating your brand's visibility and recognition.

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Get better clients, faster 

By focusing on distinct audiences and presenting enticing offers, lead generation campaigns effectively attract high-quality leads with a greater propensity to convert into paying clients.

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higher roi and better insights

Lead generation typically offers a more cost-effective approach compared to other marketing strategies, as it enables your company to engage a vast audience without incurring the substantial expenses associated with traditional advertising methods.

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Digital Marketing Solutions for
Law Firms

Optimize your IP firm's reach with tailored Digital Marketing strategies tailored exclusively for IP Lawyers and Firms. Book a meeting today for a personalized, holistic digital marketing strategy tailored to your firm's unique needs.



Your Monthly Report

Hello Mark, we found 30 new leads!


Frank R.

IP Partner 


Here's How We Solve IP Law Firms' Problems

Keeping up with the digital transformation

With the advance of technology, changes to buying behaviour and the increase in remote work, IP law firms must adapt to new ways of acquiring and servicing clients through digital means.

Standing out in a crowded market

Most IP law firms offer the same services with the same quality. It is essential for IP firms to have a strategy on how they can differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Balancing cost and effectiveness

Finding effective ways to reach and acquire new clients can also be expensive, requiring a balance between cost and results.



Get Your IP Firm Digitally Up-to-Date

💡 SEO & SEM 🔍

Boost the online visibility of your law firm and attract high-quality traffic with our expert SEO & SEM strategies. Specialized in law firm SEO services and SEO for lawyers, we bring your firm to the forefront of search results, improving your discoverability.

📸 Content Marketing 📝

Engage your audience and establish your firm as a thought leader with targeted, high-quality content. Our content marketing strategy is designed to help your legal marketing efforts by offering valuable insights and information to your current and prospective clients.

👥 Social Media 📣

Expand your reach and foster relationships with your clients using our data-driven social media strategies. From lawyer advertising to creating engaging social media discussions, we ensure your firm maintains an active and influential presence.

🗞️ Public Relations 🤝

Build a strong brand image with our effective PR strategies. We manage your law firm's public relationships, ensuring a positive reputation and helping you navigate through any crisis.

📧 Email Marketing & Newsletters 📥

Keep your clients updated and generate leads with personalized emails and well-designed newsletters. Our attorney marketing tactics include maintaining regular contact with your clients and prospects, keeping your firm at the top of their minds.

"The IP space has long required disruption and improved IP processes and Lead IP is doing just that"
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Simbarashe Makahamadze

General Partner Palladium IP


We unlock the Advantages of Digitalization and Automation in Business Development

Very Cost-Effective
Digital business development is more cost-effective compared to traditional methods such as attending conferences as it allows your law firm to reach a larger audience at a lower cost.
Higher Client Satisfaction
Offering your (potential) clients a seamless and personalized digital experience helps attract, engage, retain and nurture them for more work.
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Wider Reach
Digital marketing and outreach strategies can help an IP law firm reach a wider audience and attract new clients.
Enhanced Insights
By tracking and measuring your Business Dev efforts, you can gain valuable data insights that can help you optimize your strategies and improve your return on investment (ROI).
Increased Efficency
Streamlining processes makes you more efficient and productive. This includes automating tasks such as lead generation and customer communication, which can save valuable time and resources.
Competitive Advantage
By adopting digital technologies, IP law firms can differentiate themselves from their competitors and position themselves as innovative and forward-thinking.
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What services you get

Growth minded strategic planning for your IP firm

Execution and monitoring of all marketing efforts throughout the process

A team of marketing and brand building experts available to you

Efficient, targeted and effective marketing system set up

Our Approach

Lead IP is a 360-degree marketing agency specializing in IP law firms and IP service providers, we know exactly how to create and manage a digital marketing strategy that works. Allowing you to quickly and efficiently attract new clients in the IP services market, with minimal effort on your part. 


We create individualized growth strategies, built around your specific goals and needs.

At Lead IP we build and execute your strategy in house,

Who should use our service to create a digital marketing strategy?

Newly established IP firms looking to build a strong company identity and generate leads.

Existing firms looking to pivot their marketing, to grow a stronger digital presence.

IP firms looking to build growth-minded business development channels


Firms that lack the capacity to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy

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Our Process

What is LeadIP's digital marketing strategy process?

Evaluate Existing Company Assets 

Market Analysis & Competitor Comparison

Market Analysis & Competitor Comparison

Understand & Align on Goals and Targets

Development of initial strategy 

Planning Steps & Schedule

As part of the marketing strategy, a proposal will be made for the long-term operation of the identified marketing channels, completing the complex service, All this will be presented in a simple, easy to understand format


Transparent Pricing: Know What to Expect 

Every client is unique. In order for us to deliver the best possible estimate on pricing, we require some general information on your company and current business development efforts. Please either take the survey or schedule a complimentary discovery call directly. As you prefer!

Take the survey
Please fill out the form with all the required information
We evaluate your info
Our experts will analyse your company and create a proposal
Set up call
Lastly we set up a call to discuss a potential strategy and pricing


Enjoy Free Access to Our Data+ Today! 

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✔️ Find out what company to target next

✔️ Identify valuable business opportunities

✔️ Come prepared for your client visits and calls