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MeetPrep is an easy click-through platform that enables networking and business development year-round for IP professionals.

From facilitating networking at key IP conferences to organizing in-person & virtual business trips & enriching contacts data for future business development activities, and more.

IP Valuations


Our partner PATEV is a DIN - ISO certified service company that offers business-based IP services. Patent and trademark valuation, operational IP risk protection and tailor-made IP strategies are core elements of their services. Management and decision-makers in your patent and R&D departments are their point of contact.

Business Development Consulting


Together with our partner Graulund Consulting, we specialise in addressing the wide range of issues challenging IP professionals. We work with your organisation to develop a customised plan to identify and achieve your objectives. ​

IP Services Providers


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The IP Firm

Lead Generation

Do you work in a primarily receiving country and have difficulty finding new clients and cases? How much does travelling the world and attending a multitude of conferences help your firm? These marketing expenses largely deliver ambiguous and intangible results and therefore should never be your only source of lead generation. Lead IP will help you find new business opportunities efficiently. We accelerate your business’ development by showcasing your company in the right place, at the right time.

Business Development

Are you searching for innovation and change? Are you adapting to the ever-changing market trends? Offer new services, meet new partners and clients, and receive professional IP business development consulting from our corporate partners. Together we can help drive your business forward.

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We are here to accelerate the IP Industry!

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We've developed a platform that will help you go further. 

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For us, it is all about you. That is why we are always working on improving our offering. We listen to your needs and create fast and safe solutions.

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Our team is composed of the top professionals from various backgrounds, bringing together insight into the IP industry and a unique set of skills. We guarantee tangible and measurable results for you and your company, whether you are a law firm, corporate counsel or service provider.

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We've been there before.

We know how hard it is to find the information you need. That is why our solution will give you access to the tools you need to grow your business.

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