Request for x (rfx)

RFx stands for “Request For X”, and it includes any type of tender in any country of your interest. It can be a request for: proposal, quotations, information, association, expression of interest or solution. Post a bid on an RFx or create your own!


more leads

You can create and post unlimited RFxs on the platform, and make them visible only to your trusted partners or to the whole Lead IP network. See everyone who makes a bid on your RFx, compare their offers, and accept the best ones. Save time, money, and generate more leads, to you and to your firm!

Create an RFx in 

Three simple stepS

Fill out the RFx form

Analyze all bids received

Accept the best bid

You don’t need to worry about checking the platform every day to see and analyze new bids, as we made it easy for you and you will receive a notification whenever there is an update on your RFx directly to your email. That’s because we are here to make your work more efficient. Join us, and let’s accelerate the IP world together!




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