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Why you need Social Media Presence in 2022 - IP firms and Community Management

The shift in social media use from a network to a business development tool continues to increase, with potential clients basing decisions on a company's social proof and companies utilising socials to expand their reach and generate leads. For many brands & companies social media has become one of the main sources of their revenue, having a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, along with an up to date Linkedin profile are all integral in today's market.

With many IP firms catering to a multinational client base, it makes perfect sense for an IP firm to utilise social media to expand its company profile and increase its lead generation.

Reach a global audience

With the majority of regular internet users spending an average of 2 and a half hours scrolling social media on a daily basis, there is the opportunity to tap into a wider and an often more targeted audience. Correctly utilising social media in a way that complements and strengthens your digital strategy also helps to expand your reach far beyond your existing network.

Implement a better business development tool:

The major switch in 2020 to a more digital version of everyday life, meant the way we use social media is constantly evolving. Social media is no longer just for scrolling, commenting and liking posts, time is now also spent purchasing, researching and checking company profiles. Social media is where potential clients seek out services in their realm and often base a portion of their decision around how the company is perceived online.

Cultivate strong connections with potential clients:

Today, social media platforms are where most people connect, posting relevant targeted content can assist in building your reputation within your target market while also encouraging interactions and engagement from potential clients.

Using social media allows a quicker way to connect directly with your intended audience, often with minimal effort.

Each platform has its own advantages and, therefore, can help your company to achieve different goals. Let us take a look at the platforms;


Facebook still holds esteem as the world's most popular social media platform, business Facebook pages are specifically designed to allow the user access to information and as a means of communication through direct messaging or email links, with an enormous audience, Facebook is primarily a place where individual users can communicate with each other and is used by almost every business in the world. One of the main reasons for this is that Facebook's presence supports the work of Search Engine Optimization, so it is also a good platform for IP companies to utilise.


Twitter holds a reputation for being a reliable news source and is particularly popular in the U.S market. If your IP company is active in this market or you are planning to expand, you should consider evaluating your presence on Twitter. Twitter reaches a slightly different audience and can be used to present company news, service updates, and case studies.


Linkedin was the first network designed specifically for businesses, unlike other platforms Linkedin is very industry-specific which allows you to connect within the right network for your IP firm. You can think of Linkedin as almost an online business card. To take full advantage of Linkedin's potential, make sure that in addition to your IP company, your key employees also have an up-to-date profile. It's also worth actively using Linkedin Groups, where you can engage in professional conversations and talk to people you would otherwise only reach through countless ads and business development efforts.

To meet your goals it's great to integrate Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin into your IP business marketing plan. One of the best ways to do this is to outsource your digital strategy and community management because the right social media moves can make a significant difference and strengthen the effectiveness of your business development strategy.

To find out more about LeadIP’s Social media marketing services, send us an email at

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