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What Does Generating Awareness Mean?

Generating awareness describes the first contact that an unknown person or company will have with your product or service. Think of the last thing you bought yourself or someone else as a luxury/gift/investment. Now think of how you got to find out about this product or service ever existing. How did you find out about the company providing or selling the product?

Awareness generation is the first step in the Funnel, therefore ‘top funnel’ (Read the last blog on Marketing Funnel) and can include a variety of different activities and tools. As an IP firm working in the IP industry, although you are not limited to less than what is practiced in other industries, still some activities work better than others.

1. What are you currently doing?

Generally, in most cases, the current awareness activities are focused on the below:

  • Networking at conferences such as INTA

  • Paying for publications and/or advertising in IP magazines

  • Paying to be part of larger IP organizations

  • Paying for recognition

  • Blogging for your company’s website

  • Hosting Webinars

  • Some social media activity

2. What are the challenges found with the current efforts?

Although all the above-mentioned awareness activities have most-probably shown results and generated revenue for your business in the past (and will still do so in the future), here are some points to consider:

  • What happened when COVID-19 hit and all traveling was restricted?

  • What factor, other than the physical limitations, is prohibiting you to visit every IP conference in the world?

  • What is the return on investment of every single activity?

  • How do you decide on what budget should be allocated towards each activity?

  • What happens to the IP magazine when it is delivered to your office?

  • Are you targeting the right person at the right time?

3. What are the scopes for improvement?

The beauty of digital marketing is that it can work perfectly in balance with all current and future “offline” marketing that you will be doing. As we all know, IP business is people's business, and this is why it is important to show yourself and give your business a face to recognize. Still, if you are uncertain about the answer to any of the questions above, you should consider improving your current marketing situation. How can this be done without knowing anything about digital marketing?


Stay tuned for the next blog on the Business Development series next week! You can read the previous blog on What A Marketing Funnel Looks Like


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