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New Technology Helps IP Firms Succeed

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How Madrid Monitor Can Help You

Madrid Monitor is the easiest way to see data from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in real-time. There’s never been a product that allows you zero in on appropriate projects for your firms with such elegance and precision. Madrid Monitor can be customized to only show you applications from selected countries, industries or companies. You can choose to be notified when an application is filed or when a provisional refusal is issued, giving you the opportunity to offer your services at the appropriate time. With Madrid Monitor, you’ll be contacting new leads while your competitors are still bogged down using antiquated methods to look things up.

Easy Ways to Create and Follow Up on RFX

RFX stands for “Request for X” and can include a wide range of projects and stages of development such as quotations, proposals, information, expressions of interest and proposed solutions to problems. There are thousands of RFX’s posted throughout the World on a daily basis, but there are only useful if you have the ability to hone in on the ones that are most likely to become your customers because they’re in an area or industry where you specialize. This is another situation where Lead IP’s platform is heads and shoulders above the others, allowing you to post and follow up on RFX’s with speed and precision. You don’t even need to check the platform for new bids, because you can set parameters for notifications that can be sent directly to your email. You’ll be following up on leads before your competitors even know they exist.

Social Media Marketing and Online Business Directories

Your company probably already has a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, but it’s likely it’s not fully capitalizing on the potential of social media marketing. In fact, the lion’s share of IP firms have these social media accounts for many years without generating a single lead. That’s because there’s so much more to social media marketing than putting up a profile. Regular posting about the right topics and creating engagement is the key to success, but it’s time-consuming work that’s difficult to do in house. That’s why hiring a company dedicated to helping IP firms, IP Service Providers and In-House counsel is the smartest move you can make. When the investment pays off with a great deal of new business, you’ll be the hero. Some types of projects require more resources than your company can provide, that’s when getting business requires working with trusted partners to help acquire the business and get the job done right. When you use Lead IP, you automatically become part of this network and can enjoy requests for partnerships from a huge network of trustworthy firms, further expanding your network.

Lead Generation Technology For the IP Industry

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to harness lead generation technology for the IP industry that you can you customize to either cast a wide net or hone in on a narrow speciality. If you want to ensure that your company stays ahead of the competition, it’s important to consider upgrading your marketing strategy to utilize these cutting edge approaches. Check out Lead IP as a free subscriber and find out how your IP company can reach new heights.

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