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Lead IP: lead generation, business development and much more for the IP world.


More about Lead IP and how we can help you with lead generation, business development and much more.

Today, I would like to introduce Lead IP.

We are a start-up based in Munich, Germany, focused on finding modern solutions to existing challenges in the Intellectual Property industry. We were all brought together with one single objective, to Accelerate the Intellectual Property industry.

As IP enthusiasts, we have experienced many potential issues with traditional methods of customer and case acquisition, most of which have proven to be critical at times such as today. Trusting in word-of-mouth, face-to-face, magazine or content related marketing has seen no more difficult times as it has during the pandemic, and this is exactly where we see our first of many challenges to tackle. We realised that we need to bring tangible results to an ambiguous part of IP, namely the acquisition of customers. When looking into this issue, we saw a huge market gap for us to create a place that can help scale not only IP firms but simultaneously IP Service Providers and in-house counsel - the magic recipe being the combination of all.

Therefore, our first features were made to help you to efficiently find new business opportunities from all around the globe through the use of public data. We connect the dots when it comes to business development and showcase your company at the right time and place. We are here to bring your name onto every IP owner or representative’s desk while keeping an eye on value and quality. No matter if you work for an IP firm, corporate or an IP Service Provider, we are your new gateway to find new customers, new markets or new partnerships.

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