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How to Transform Your IP Firm into a Tech-Driven IP Firm

Do you know that, according to a study, 70% of consumers would rather use an automated online system or "lawbot" to handle their legal affairs instead of a human lawyer because of three important factors—cost, speed, and ease of use? These factors earmark the importance of legal tech to a law firm.

How do you transform your IP firm into a tech-driven firm?

Make Tech Adoption a Priority

Until you make technology adoption a priority at your IP firm, lawyers at your firm may be hesitant to utilise legal tech. The leadership of the firm must consider legal tech as a worthwhile investment to make its adoption a priority at the firm.

To demonstrate the value of legal tech to a firm's leadership:

  1. Identify a number of business priorities and determine how technology may assist in achieving them quicker and cheaper;

  2. develop key performance indicators to measure the effect of technology on the achievement of these business priorities; and

  3. Cooperate with tech vendors who may be able to tailor a solution to more clearly demonstrate the value of the investment in that solution.

Ask Your Clients

Another step to take to transform your firm into a tech-driven one is to ask your clients for pain points they have experienced during their interaction with the firm. Their responses will provide direction on areas of priority, which the firm may consider resolving using technology.

Conversations with clients will also assist in deciding on the kind of legal tech solutions that may be worthy of investment and also present opportunities to collaborate with clients on finding solutions that enable efficiency and value-adding work.


Finally, take action by investing in technology solutions. While the investment may take the form of a direct investment in technology solutions, you may also train members of staff who would be involved in the adoption process.

Bear in mind that technology adoption is not merely about investing in a technology solution but fostering a culture that supports technology and embraces it.

Using key performance indicators developed internally, record the results achieved through technology as proof of the importance of tech adoption to the firm and to provide a template for deployment of further technological solutions.

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