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How to successfully organize a webinar for the IP Industry

Webinars, or interactive online presentations, are one of today's trendiest sales tools, even though they are primarily focused on imparting knowledge. In this article, we explore the question of whether it's worth it as an IP firm to host a webinar, who to hire to do it, and how to organize it so that you end up with a portfolio of new clients.

What is a webinar?

Webinars, also known as web conferences, are an online communication tool that became popular around the world in the 2010s, allowing participants to communicate with each other by being able to see and hear each other. Pre-registration is usually required to participate - attendees receive an email with a link to access the webinar.

Of course, this kind of presentation is no longer a novelty today, when the pandemic has forced almost all companies into a home office. So why should you take the plunge?

● Intellectual property services is a market where clients often appear who have never been in contact with this issue and therefore need to be educated.

● The webinar can be recorded, and the knowledge imparted can be shared with interested parties at any time.

● Questions from participants can shed light on what your potential customers are really interested in.

Who should participate?

A webinar is efficient and effective when it proactively and appropriately addresses attendee issues while being fast-paced and engaging. To achieve this, good preparation is required.

It is essential to treat the webinar like a project and designate a person to oversee the process. This person does not have to be the same as the presenter, but they do not have to be the same as you either. A webinar is also an excellent opportunity to give more attention to an ambitious employee.

When preparing, be sure to focus on topics that might be exciting to a potential decision-maker in the field. No generalities, no historical descriptions that start before BC. Instead, focus on facts and, more importantly, actionable advice. A good example might be a change in the law that impacts potential clients and requires an administrative organization on their end. Then, make it easy for them by demonstrating the process.

To make the webinar even more authentic, you can invite an external expert, a professional influencer, or an existing customer to share their experience or insights.

How does a webinar generate new leads?

There are two ways to use webinars to generate leads: You can invite companies that could be potential clients before the event (or even already have a conversation for which the webinar is a great compliment), but you can also generate new clients for IP firms after the event.

It's a good idea to offer the webinar on your website in such a way that the content can only be viewed after registration. This way, for every new viewer, you gain a potential customer. If you then add a targeted ad, you have created an automatic customer acquisition tool.

Webinars can be your secret weapon for attracting new clients to IP firms, so don't miss this opportunity. After a short, focused preparation, you can educate your audience while building your company's brand.

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