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How to Close Leads for IP Firms?

Are you curious to know how IP (Intellectual Property) firms should market their legal services to close leads and get potential clients? Marketing strategies are common for any kind of business to promote its service and get better clients. We have witnessed various popular and accessible marketing strategies used by different businesses today.

But when it comes to legal law firms, are the same strategies helpful in closing leads and gaining potential customers? Or do you need to focus on more than just the basic marketing strategies about IP firms marketing and growth? For a more precise idea, let’s go ahead and explore a few lead closing strategies you can consider as a part of an IP firm and its better growth!

What Helps IP Firms Grow:

While there are numerous ways a business can grow and achieve more and bigger clients, IP firms may work and grow differently. Besides, what the chaotic years the world has been facing due to the pandemic, seeking law-related help has become an even bigger question for potential customers: whether to go for it or not? At a time like this, technological analysis and help is the ideal way for IP firms to make their way for attracting and closing future leads. Some effective methods that can be considered for this include:

· Comparative Technological Metrics:

With technology playing a massive role in making our lives easier today, it’s become necessary for smooth business operation. Therefore, comparing the IP firm’s success rate to averages at the USPTO can be a huge eye-opener and strategy planner for these firms.

The ideal way is to use a specific technology grouping at the USPTO and competing firms to compare better how well your firm is performing with legal solutions. In this way, you use technology to track your progress and portray it among the public for choosing you without hesitation.

· Firm ROI:

Other than grabbing the attention of the new clients and closing leads by promoting your success rate, strengthening your relationship with the current clients is also essential. Here again, usage of technology and prosecution data for quantifying the firm ROI is highly helpful. With this strategy, you reveal the exact dollar value of your work to your leads and help them trust you in maintaining the existing relationship.

Not just that, but the same strategy can also help new IP firms and businesses to persuade new clients by calculating similar numbers. So you secure your present customers and close new leads using your firm’s ROI. Some effective ways that can help you to highlight firm ROI include:

· Using the average office actions to reveal the prosecution savings.

· Showing the leads how the allowance rate can help increase the portfolio value.

Once you use these basic tech-focused strategies to reveal your position among the other IP firms, you can easily gain the trust of present and future leads. Moreover, these strategies also help you stay intact with your firm’s and teams performance overall. So go ahead and practically use these strategies to help your IP firm grow more efficiently. You can also contact us, we can help you!

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