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How IP Firms Can Increase Engagement On LinkedIn

With over 722 million users, Linkedin is not the biggest social network but one of the most effective ones. Those who use Linkedin know that it is the place on the internet where professionals hang out.

Businesses are almost always active on Linkedin, and it is a goldmine for employers and workforce alike if used rightly. For an IP law firm, the platform can work as a client magnet if the right techniques are applied. Here are a few of them:

● Share Something that Your Competitors Can’t Share

People open Linkedin for resources. They search the platform for valuable information that they can’t get on other social platforms. So, if you’re building your IP law firm’s presence on Linkedin, share resources like templates or worksheets.

Case studies can also be an excellent way of showcasing your expertise on the platform.

Such resources usually end up getting viral on the platform because they are helpful for the business circle your IP firm belongs to.

Since such resources are unique to your business and your firm is in the IP industry, make sure to protect them first not to get them misused.

● Insightful Content is Your Best Bet

On every social media platform, the content which goes viral always has something to offer. Either it is entertaining, or it solves an existing problem. So, if you want your IP firm to thrive on Linkedin, start posting content that gives value to your circle.

It must be something that solves at least one of their problems and gives them insights into your industry.

● Don’t Hesitate to Represent Your Firm

Linkedin profiles are usually built to attract professionals. So, to maintain your brand’s identity, keep a clear face, such as the logo of your IP firm, as your unique selling point.

You can connect with your employees on the platform and get testimonials to affirm the good practices.

● Engage With Other IP Firms

The importance of networking outshines all other social platforms with Linkedin. If you want to get more visibility on Linkedin, start engaging with other businesses. Comment on the posts and tag them whenever you feel the need for it.

It increases the visibility of your account.

● Stick to a Posting Schedule

All the social media platforms have optimum posting times. For example, according to Hootsuite, the best posting time on Linkedin is 9:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Schedule your IP-related content to post on these times to get the most out of the platform. Of course, you can always use a scheduling tool to avoid wasting time waiting for the right posting time.

● Connect to Relevant Linkedin Groups

Make sure that your IP law firm’s profile is active on similar Linkedin communities. By engaging and commenting on the posts in Linkedin groups, you can always increase the visibility of your own business.

Linkedin may not be as popular as Facebook or Instagram; this platform has its own class. However, businesses should not ignore the potential of this platform and apply the right techniques to attract appropriate audiences.

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