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How does marketing automation can help you develop your IP business?

Marketing automation is a customer acquisition technique that has been around since the 2010s and is still trending. But what does it have to do with sales? It can be used to create sales funnels that automatically generate new leads. In this article, we will show you what marketing automation can do for your IP firm.

What is marketing automation?

In marketing automation, multiple marketing strategies and software are combined to help businesses convert prospects into customers and then customers into repeat customers through personalized processes. As a result, it has the potential to drive significant revenue growth and produce a very high return on investment.

It is not yet profitable for startups to automate part of the marketing and sales process because there is not enough attention to each customer at their level. However, as the number of customers grows and solutions become more complex, the focus on lead generation decreases. Although the entire process for IP companies cannot be automated in the same way as for e-commerce stores, lead generation funnels can be created that adapt to the customer and provide the best possible experience.

The best use-cases of marketing automation for IP firms

● Newsletters: It may come as a surprise that the long-buried newsletters are still around, but they are still very effective in attracting customers. However, the important difference is that the days of blindly sending mass mailings are over because no one will really read them. Instead, you can send personalized newsletters to your potential customers, who will then receive precisely the content they want.

● Automatic landing pages: Landing pages are websites that focus on a specific topic and are therefore particularly suitable for attracting customers. This could be a landing page created specifically to showcase your patent management service. You must design the page so that even someone unfamiliar with your company or your other services can get all the information they need to get inspired. The landing page design can not yet be "outsourced" to AI. Still, the data collected here will automatically feed into your CRM system, and you can build processes around it that bring you closer to acquisition. To continue the example above: When the customer clicks on the "Learn More" button on the patent application landing page, they receive an email with helpful advice on why it's important to entrust their patent matters to a professional. With a few newsletters, you can build your company's expert image in the minds of prospects, who will then sign up for a free consultation on their own. Instead of cold calling, customers will contact you themselves - does not that sound better?

The two examples above are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are now countless ways for an IP company to automate its presales activities. As a result, not only can you save time, effort, and money, but you can also dramatically increase efficiency, which can lead to a big jump in revenue this year and in the future.

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