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Do you need social media presence? IP firms and Community Management

For companies engaged in e-commerce, for which social media is at least one of the main sources of revenue, having a presence on Facebook and Twitter, creating videos for YouTube, and updating their profiles on LinkedIn are all useful tools. On the other hand, IP firms are not direct-to-consumer businesses. Therefore it's not that straightforward whether they can make better use of the time and energy spent on social media. Let us take a look at what social media can bring as a channel for lead generation and what are the best platforms for IP firms to sign up.

Where people are present

Today, social media platforms are where most people meet. The average Internet user now spends more than 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media sites, mostly on their mobile device, and that number increases by at least one minute every year. Social media has become an undeniable factor in business development as the main area of interaction shifted from face-to-face meetings and phone calls to these platforms.

However, it is still unclear which platforms can meet the needs of B2B companies, as all social media platforms are fighting for their favour. Each platform has its own advantages and, therefore, can achieve different goals. Let us take a look at what those are:

● Facebook: The world's most popular social media platform is primarily a place where individual users can communicate with each other and is therefore used by almost every business in the world. One of the main reasons for this is that Facebook's presence supports the work of Search Engine Optimization, so it is also a good place for IP companies to register.

● Twitter: This platform is particularly popular in the USA. If your IP company is active in this market or you are planning to expand, you should consider having a presence on Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter can be used to present company news, service updates, and case studies.

● Linkedin: A network specifically for businesses, although user activity lags significantly behind Facebook and Twitter. It is mainly used as an online business card. To take full advantage of Linkedin's potential, make sure that in addition to your IP company, your key employees have an up-to-date profile. It's also worth actively using Linkedin Groups, where you can engage in professional conversations and talk to people you would otherwise only reach through countless ads and business development efforts.

● YouTube: There's more to this platform than music videos and memes, and many businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities it presents. Videos have become some of the most popular and important content online. You can use video effectively by showing what a customer can expect when they work with your IP company. It's also the best way to showcase case studies, as there's nothing more authentic than the client telling your potential clients how you supported them.

Other opportunities

There are also countless other social media platforms in the online space, such as TikTok, which specializes in short videos; WhatsApp, which has become the main communication channel in many countries; Reddit, the world's largest forum; or Pinterest, the heaven of the fashion and home furnishings industry - but the target audience of these platforms does not cover the potential customers of IP companies, or only to a very limited extent.

If you manage to integrate at least one or two of the Facebook/Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube groups into your IP business marketing, and don't know how, schedule a meeting with us. As you could see in this article, Community Management is essential. You need to be connected with your clients and audience. It can make a significant difference and strengthen the effectiveness of your business development strategy.

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