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5 Tips for IP Firms to Find Leads

Being in the IP field can be challenging. People are intimidated by the complexity of legalities, so they may not directly contact an IP firm like yours.

However, there are ways with which you can find and nurture online leads. Here are five tips about how to do it:

1. CONVERSION – Creating Content that Resonates with Your Website Visitors:

You don't want the visitors to just roam around your website and leave. These visitors are there to find a solution to their problems. They are in a problem, and YOU are providing them with a solution as an IP firm.

We can safely assume that these visitors are your potential leads. That is why you should know what you are writing. The visitor should feel that an expert writes the content they are consuming and that expert is ready to help them settle their intellectual property battles.

Once you achieve this goal of establishing yourself as an expert IP firm, they should know that they can contact you, and you will help them if they need to claim the authorship of their music or transfer the copyrights of their E-book.

Be professional and friendly. Let your writing and your services persuade them to buy what they are looking for from you.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-Boost Your Traffic:

There are more than 5.6 billion Google searches daily. Out of them, many searches are related to IP firms or topics related to IP firms. Therefore, when someone enters something on the search bar, you will want your website to be on the first page.

The set of practices with which you can rank your website on the first page of Google is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These techniques help your website get found in the vast ocean of websites known as the internet.

SEO is a significant factor in driving traffic to your websites. It means that the more the visitors are, the better are the chances for you to have a consistent flow of leads.

3. Social Media Presence – Using the Brand Image for Your Advantage:

There are more than 2.8 billion active users on Facebook, according to Statista. It means that there is a massive amount of potential buyers on that platform.

Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter are also famous social media platforms with millions and billions of active users.

If your IP firm does not have an excellent social media presence, your business misses tremendous golden opportunities.

Go out there to the wild world of social media and increase your brand awareness. Let the people know there is an expert (You) who has solutions for their problems.

4. Online Forums – Drive Traffic To Your Website Through Linking on Discussion Forums:

How many times did it happen when you searched for something and stumbled on to Quora or Reddit? Numerous times. Right?

You might have noticed that numerous answers contain a link, so you can click on them and read more about that topic on a different website. Now, you are on that website reading about the process to change the copyrights of a painting in detail.

Just imagine, that website is your website. Yes, it is possible. Bloggers use this marketing tip to drive the traffic from Quora or Reddit to their website. You can use this tip too. Imagine again, that person is a father who now wants to transfer the copyrights of his painting to his son as a gift. Boom! You earned a lead now on your website.

5. Playing The Long Game – Manage the Content Calendar:

Developing a brand image is not an overnight task. It requires patience and planning for several months, even years.

Google wouldn't rank your website now if you posted seven articles about IP firms and their leads in 2018.

For Google to consider your website for ranking on the first page, you should keep posting new articles at least fortnightly. This way, Google will trust your website as updated and consider it as an authority. This way, your articles have a better chance to get ranked on Google.


Generating IP leads can be a long and hectic task. You need to keep your patience intact while creating value for your potential leads. If you master all these tips that cover your social media and overall web presence, you can ace your game.

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