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5 Best Practices For IP Firms' Lead Generation

The most crucial part of a sales funnel remains lead generation. Even when there’s web traffic, if it doesn’t get close to conversion, the number of clicks doesn’t really matter. The IP firms especially face difficulties in lead generation because they are dealing with a niche market even within the field of law. In this article, we will share with you the best practices for IP firms lead generation.

Although there are hindrances to the process, the IP firms can still generate leads following these best industry practices:

1. Focus on Email:

IP firms can use personalized automated emails as their primary marketing tool. Once the target market is set, you’re good to start your email marketing campaigns. However, manual email campaigns are becoming a part of the past.

Most of today’s email marketing practices revolve around personalized email drip campaigns. First, you need to craft an influential email that directly hits the lead. The automated email server does the rest of the work for you.

You can set the schedule and frequency of the emails to send it to the potential leads’ email lists.

2. Take Up the Local SEO Way:

In the services businesses, word of mouth has been the key to success. Most of the time, when we had needed to find a lawyer, we asked our friends. However, WOM marketing has changed its shape due to the Google search bar option we all have on our phones today.

What is the first thing we do today if we need the service of a doctor or a lawyer? We send a query to Google. Here’s where the role of local SEO kicks in. All the IP firms need to optimize their websites for local SEO that will include location-specific keywords. There are other factors, such as optimizing customer reviews from the clients.

3. Nurture Leads Through Video Marketing:

Video marketing, if done correctly, works like a charm for IP firms’ lead generation. Every IP firm needs to work on video promotions. IP firms must optimize all the videos for the thumbnail, a proper CTA to hook the customers, and have a video script that doesn’t leave the potential leads minds for days.

4. Promote Gated Content on Social Media:

Remember, an IP firm is selling a service that not many firms provide. They are protecting intellectual property rights in a world full of piracy and fraudulent activities on the internet.

As an expert in the field, you can conveniently generate leads by promoting gated content on your social media handles. For example, a newsletter subscription (through a lead magnet promoted on social media) will generate many leads.

5. Check the Website Heatmaps:

Heatmaps give you a direction of what’s going wrong on your website. You can improve the website areas with the most clicks or views by optimizing the content through research tools.

Optimizing and experimenting with the call-to-action buttons can give you in-depth insights into how users interact with your website.

Although attracting new leads and nurturing them for an IP firm may require serious efforts, if done with dedication, it will garner dedicated clients for the years to come.

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