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Get access to the Lead IP Data+ to find even more client prospects for free

✔️ Find out what company to target next

✔️ Identify valuable business opportunities

✔️ Come prepared for your client visits and calls

✔️ Stand out from your competition

*This service is and always will be free of charge

Simply fill out the form to obtain free access ➜


What are the benefits?


Find Foreign Filers Fast, Easy & For Free


Find Reasons To Contact Prospects


Contact Prospects When They Need You


What can you expect?

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Identify New Clients

Get an overview of the current foreign holders that are actively filing trademarks in your country, and where the most activity comes from.

Filter for Companies

Filter out companies of interest so that you can use the data to get clients that you know have the most filing activity in your country. Come  prepared for your client visits and showcase your expertise.

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Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 12.51.02.png

Access Actionable Data

Gain access to actionable IP data that can help you find and contact potential clients that need a local representative in your country today. Most of the time there will be multiple cases to choose from and help with.


How do I use the interactive data?

1.  Check the dashboard via the link that you will receive via email

2.  Filter by country of designation, origin, holder, or representative

3.  Use the information to contact the company and offer your assistance

Need Help? Contact support!


Expand your Global IP  Footprint


Grow your Client Base


Increase your Revenue

Simply fill out the form


Do you want a custom data dashboard?

Our custom dashboards incorporate WIPO data, giving you access to real-time information on prospects, clients, and industry trends. With this powerful tool, you can easily identify potential clients and stay up to date on their activities. Add your branding and share your dashboards with your clients. Not only will it generate new revenue, but it will also improve the image of your practice. Contact us now for more information.

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