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Madrid Monitor

Automate and receive valuable information that will help you scale your business

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With Lead IP, you can actively manage and track trademarks in any way you want to.

The Madrid Monitor allows you to see real-time data from WIPO, such as trademark applications and Madrid provisional refusal notifications.


With Lead IP

You can manage leads from all over the world within the platform itself by contacting other users in Lead IP’s network, your trusted partners or your firm’s team members in the platform.

Smart filters

Find with ease any trademark applications or provisional refusal notifications in the advanced search tool in the Madrid Monitor feature. Filter by name, country, deadline and more.

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Receive real-time data from WIPO in three simple steps

Manage your preferences

Freely choose what information you wish to receive, and at what intervals. 

Select jurisdiction

Decide on the your firm's jurisdiction, or any country of choice.

Receive Emails

You will conveniently receive the data via email, allowing you to sit back and relax.

Receive personalised information on Madrid Protocol trademark activities

Find new clients by using this information to contact trademark owners and representatives.


Easy, useful and reliable!

Sign up to receive an email notification every time that there has been an update on your or your client's trademarks applications. It is easy and simple: you can manage your preferences and receive exactly what you want, whenever you want to. 

Let’s start your subscription!

Join Lead IP to receive information on you or your client's trademark activities.

Besides trademarks activities in your jurisdiction, would you like to receive your own trademark activities?
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