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Together we make your business better.

Our partner offers strategic advice and business development services to IP firms.

About Graulund Consulting

Graulund Consulting was established in 2010 by Tove Graulund. The company offers business development consulting services to consultancies, IP firms and service providers in the IP community. 


Our partner works with your organisation to develop an effective, customised plan to identify and achieve your objectives and we provide the strategic support necessary for successful implementation.


We at Lead IP want to offer our clients the opportunity to grow and do better every day. That's why we are working together with Graulund Consulting to offer you and your company the best in Business Development Consulting.

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Strategic Planning

Your clients may have a picture of you that you do not recognise – or worse, they have no real impression of what you stand for. You will wish to articulate a strategic plan leading to a clear vision of values and capabilities and then implement it successfully.



Business Development

Client relationship management is both an art and a science. Have you attracted the clients that you want? Do you have a plan? Have you made sure that you always do the best by the client and nurture the relationship?

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Our Services

Graulund Consulting offers a unique combination of IP expertise, in-house experience, private practice management, association leadership and an in-depth understanding of the industry. Our partner also offers consulting services in the areas of IP management and IP strategy to businesses. 

To know more about Graulund Consulting, their services and price, please contact us.

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