Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lead IP

A platform that provides our clients with new business opportunities through data-driven information analysis and cloud-based collaboration tools. It is a lead generation tool specialised for the IP industry - creating a boundless marketplace for opportunities.

What are my benefits

With Lead IP you are able to find useful information in one place. You have direct access to the data you need, forgoing the need to spend your time and resources to find it. With us you will find a qualified agent in a recipient country, offer your services, checking daily new trademarks in your jurisdiction and much more. It is a new world of opportunities for you together in one place.

How can I sign up?

To sign up is very easy. You can click here and complete your registration process.

How much does it cost?

We have two different subscription options depending on your needs. It will give you access to a new world in IP with countless opportunities. Click here to find which option for you and for your company.

Do I need a credit card

Yes, subscriptions are paid with a credit card. If you require an alternative payment method, please contact us.

Is it safe?

Security is one of our main priorities. We ensure your data is secure. Our software is hosted on AWS servers in multiple locations, in addition to DNS protection through Cloudflare SSL & DUO Security protection.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, go to “Login” and click on “Forgot Password?”. After that, you just need to type your registered email address to generate your new password. We will send a link to your email where you can create a new password.

How can I find a partner in another country?

If you need an agent in a third country you can easily find one through our platform. You post a Bid, receive many offers and then choose the partner most suitable to your case.

How do I increase my lead generation

Join the Lead IP platform and be prepared for a world of possibilities. You can find new partners, grow your IP network, access new provisional refusals in your jurisdictions and more. Lead IP is the place for opportunities!

How do I offer my services on the Lead IP platform?

If you are a law firm and want to offer your services, you will require the Profile User Plan for that. Click here to learn about our plans.

How many users can I have?

You can have up to 5 users. Please contact us if you require more.

What is the difference between all types of RFx?

RFx means "Request for X".

PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire)
Is a document that is often distributed before the RFP process begins. It is used to gather vendor information from multiple companies in order to generate a pool of prospects.

RFP (Request for Proposal)
Is used when the request requires technical expertise, specialized capability, or where the product or service being requested does not yet exist. The proposal may require research and development.

RFA (Request for Association)
Is a proposal from one party to another to acting together and sharing the benefits of this joint action.

RFEI (Request for Expression of Interest)
Is typically used in the pre-project development phase to assess interest in your project. It can also be used to gather useful information from potential project tenants and to test and refine your project vision.

RFI (Request for Information)
Is primarily used to gather information to help make a decision regarding the next steps.

RFQ (Request for Quotation)
Is used when discussions with bidders are not required (usually because the product or services specifications are already known) and when the price is the main or only factor in selecting the successful bidder. An RFQ may also be used prior to issuing a RFP to determine the price range.

RFS (Request for Solution)
Is a description of a technological or organizational situation with an ask for a solution from possible suppliers.