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Branding Audit 

Your brand is the promise you make to your customer


A common mistake is an inconsistent company profile. Strong consistent brand experience cultivates trust and reassurance while highlighting expertise and value points.



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It takes 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion on your company's branding


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Of consumers say company authenticity is key to deciding to work with a company


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81% of consumers state that they need to be able to trust a company in order to use them

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What services you get

A brand audit that includes where improvement is needed.

Analysis of your brand efforts in comparison to your competitors

A team of marketing and brand building experts available to you

An actionable strategic plan to implement

Our Approach

We work with you to improve your brand awareness and exceed your lead generation opportunities. 

With Lead IP's brand audit we look at your branding as a whole, how you communicate through visuals and copy, what your messaging style is and how a potential client perceives your brand. 

Cohesive branding can be the difference between a new client and a lost client. 

Our Approach

Key Benefits 

Consistent Company Profile Presence 

Helps to build

Company recognition

Increases Trust,

Enhances Credibility 

Clear and Consistent Company Messaging

Getting started with Lead IP

We start the process of creating a marketing strategy for you with a consultation, the consultation is designed to allow us to better understand your needs, we then work with you to set realistic goals that take into account both your business objectives and your financial framework. 


A long-term strategy is then developed where we work alongside you to deliver strong, ambitious results in the short to medium term.

Who should use our service to improve their branding

Newly established IP firms looking to build a strong company identity and generate leads.

Existing firms looking to pivot their marketing, to grow a stronger digital presence.

IP firms looking to build growth-minded business development channels


Firms that lack the capacity to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy

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Our Process

What is LeadIP's digital marketing strategy process?

Conducting Brand Research

Everything begins with conducting in-depth research on your company. This stage is basically a brand audit evaluating your status quo and vision for the future.

Developing a Brand Strategy

The purpose of this phase is to define and show the direction your firm should take to grow, scale, realize its potential, and accomplish the prime mission.

Defining Brand Identity

Visual identity is the primary medium to put your brand strategy to work. It translates your company's value, vision, and distinctive personality into objects that customers interact with.

Launching your new Brand

Once all stakeholders are happy with the new brand strategy, we can finally announce your new identity to the world.

Brand Building

The brand launch is just the beginning of the journey. You need to employ a variety of marketing measure to effectively bring your company in front of your target audience. Feel free to set up a call how we can also help you with that.

As part of the brand strategy, a proposal will be made for the long-term operation of the identified marketing channels, completing the complex service, All this will be presented in a simple, easy to understand format

Lead IP - Agency Solutions

No time for digital marketing? Let us take over, and make your IP firm visible to potential clients across the globe. The recipe is simple, we offer a selection of business development services tailored to the needs of the IP industry


A well-thought-out digital marketing strategy sets the blueprint for your firm's strategic planning in the digital space.

Website design 
& development

Your website is your digital business presentation, showcasing your services and expertise to potential clients.


Amplify your efforts with targeted advertising, designed to reach your target audience, quicker and cost-effectively.


SEO allows you to seamlessly connect your service offering with potential clients as they currently search for your type of expertise.

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Book a short, free call with one of our customer success experts to know more about how we provide value to our customers through a 360-degree digital marketing strategy.

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Get in touch with us!

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